So somehow we’ve ended up with only one sheet set in the house, and of course last night that sheet set ended up in the laundry. Ok, we only use the fitted because my hubby thrashes around in his sleep and gets the flat sheet all bunched up, and what’s the point of even having it if you’re going to find it jammed in the footboard by morning? I’ve long given up on folding and neatly tucking the edges hospital style. A perfectionist, I’m not.

Anyways, I decided today that I would venture out after church to attain a new sheet for our bed. That should be fairly simple, right? Once you get used to lugging two children around it becomes a nonissue. I wanted bedding We needed bedding so off we went, the girls and I.

 Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to bedding–my only preference this time? Made in America. Between national and local economy issues and being married to a man who is PASSIONATE about his family business, I decided that I’d make a real effort to buy American made products as much as possible without breaking the bank. The national news had a few stories too, where they cleaned a house out of everything not made in America- the family was left with a vase, and something else I forgot. It spoke to me.  So I picked up the phone to call a few stores in the Portland area before wasting the gas to get out there.

 60 Minutes later: no gas wasted. no fussing from the girls. no American-made sheets.

I called ten stores (got put on hold for 13 minutes by one place as they hand-checked the entire stock) with no results. J.C. Penney, Sears, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Mills & Co, America’s Mattress, Cuddledown, L.L. Bean, Target, Wal-Mart, and Marshalls all had nothing to offer me.  I ended up bartering with a manager at Marshall’s to get a clearanced Ralph Lauren fitted for ten dollars. Bartering works wonders in the stores- don’t be shy, just be friendly and ask. The worst they’ll say is no, and then you can either buy it or put it back. Anyways, now that I’m home I’ve found a few brands that carry American made sheets. Not in my budget, but maybe in yours:

  • Heart of Vermont
  • Native Organic
  • Cozytown Linens
  • Celia Rachel
  • KellyGreen

What about you?

7 thoughts on “Oh, sheet!

  1. Jo

    I’m afraid I’m not surprised that they were so hard to find. Would it be easier to make sheets? We have a horrible time buying sheets because our mattress is 21″ deep – as much as I love my bed, I will not be getting a pillowtop when we buy our next bed.


  2. Maeve

    Very interesting! It seems like the easiest way to find American-made goods is look for boutique brands…of course, then it’s more expensive. I’d rather have a few nice, expensive clothes, than loads of crap, but getting there can be difficult. Buying made in America also means you aren’t supporting the use of fossil fuels to ship the goods half way across the world…


  3. Kyla

    And when all else fails…for somethings anyways….there is good old Goodwill. It may not be American made but you’re still helping out in so many ways…fossil fuels, reducing waste, helping out individuals who require more supports than you or I and supporting a local business (Goodwill – I believe – is a New England organization.)


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