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Buying American can be really overwhelming. Things manufactured in the US are hard to find and maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “humm, but WHERE do I even start?” Maybe you’re uncomfortable with purchasing US goods online because you just don’t like to online shop. You want to see, look, touch, smell the items you might buy. You want to examine them, hold them in your hands for scrutiny. And you don’t want to wait for mail time, you don’t want to go through the hassle of an online return if necessary.

  Me too. Just because I’m passionate about buying American doesn’t mean I’ve always done it. Or do it. Doesn’t mean you’re bad if you don’t. But if you push through the overwhelming plethora of goods that is the market, you can do it too.Today I’m going to help you buy American starting at a place you go every week: The grocery store.

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Groceries are something you can’t get around (unless you have a bigold farm with veggies and chickens and cows. If you do, I’m jealous …) and you might be surprised to find that some of the things you already buy are manufactured right here in the US. I have a challenge for you: go to your refridgerator. Open it, peek inside. Check out your milk. Cheese. Maybe you like yogurt? Take a look at it. How about potatoes? I’m betting Idaho or Maine.  Chances are that these things are all from the US already. Don’t you feel good about yourself now? Buying American without even knowing! Jif peanut butter, country kitchen bread, Pepperidge Farm cookies…oh yes.

In the produce section, the little stickers on the veggies and fruits should tell you exactly where they’re grown. As we just said, some of the stuff in your cart is most likely already American. After becoming more aware of this, do you think you’ll look more closely at where things are produced?

Next post I’ll do a spotlight on farmer’s markets and farm stands: How to find them, what to buy, and how to use it once you’ve got it!

P.S. I took the girls shopping today and didn’t even look in Gap’s direction. I DID, however, get a Nalgene water bottle from L.L. Bean for $7. Any guesses where it’s made and maufactured?

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