If you do a Google or Bing search on the web for American made toys, you’re likely to find a ton of high quality wooden toys (usually with the price tag to match!)

This Christmas I did get Ellie a locally made “lawnmower” toy for early walkers. If you love it, you can click the picture and it’ll bring you to the link. This one is around 30$, but I got mine at a local yarn shop(Rosemary’s Gift & Yarn Shop in Windham) at 50% o ff and ended up paying about 10$. It’s cute, nontoxic, locally made, and even fine for teething babies. That being said, sometimes you don’t necessarily want the old-school look. Maybe you’d really like to get your kid some toys that look like, well, all the other toys out there right now.

Green Toys Inc. is a great place to find just those things. Their prices are competititve with other brands like Playschool or Fisher Price, so you’re not emptying your wallet just to get something US made. They have a wide array of everything from stacking toys to cars to play kitchen utensils and food. Also, in concert with most of the other American companies I’ve found, they are eco-friendly, BPA-free, and they use less fossil fuel to transport. Here are a few of my faves from this company:

For the little baby just learning about stacking and fine-motor skills, you have the tower. These also double for learning about water properties, water conservation and volume changes in the tub. This set is a little more on the girly side but they also have one in “boyish” colors, minus the star shape. They cost around 12$.


For the little boy obsessed with racecars (or little girl) you have this. You can get it in blue, red, or pink, and you can also get a larger loader truck that it fits into should it “break down” (pretendplay.thesedon’thavebatteries). This will put you out a whopping 9$! The great thing about toys that aren’t always battery operated is that they’re portable, less annoying, and they force your child to use their IMAGINATION during play. They also can encourage more gross motor skills if they don’t move themselves.


My last favorite is for the little girl (or boy, again, they’re great at having a color selection for every toy) who loves to do everything Daddy (or brother, or cousin) does: The tool set. Now your child can tag along and NOT get into the real tools–hopefully, anyways!

Adorable, right? And they have words printed on them to encourage literacy skills and differentiation between flathead and phillips screwdrives. We all know that is an essential point of knowledge for every three year old! 🙂

This one is 28$, which is pretty standard for a tool kit. I’ve heard of many children being obsessed with tool sets and needing to carry around a screwdriver (or whatever) and having FITS if it gets taken away. Now they can get that fix without the worry on the part of the parents.

All in all, this website is just so great. They have dump trucks, planting kits, kitchen play items, etc. Gotta love it!

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