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Most of you probably do a spring clean to air out the house and get things in order–but fall is my favorite season, so I do a fall clean as well! (Trust me, I’mverymessy…veryverymessy) so don’t go thinking I’m on top of it all, all the time!

During my foray into cleaning, I discovered that I didn’t have a good fall hat. Luckily, this coincided with Elena (Anadiomena on Ravelry) sending me a GORGEOUS skein of yarn. Ok- before I walk you through the inspiration, I just want to say that though she’s up in Canada her stuff ships SURPRISINGLY FAST. Really. She is a designer that I have followed for a long time, and she’s taken up dyeing her own yarn. You can find those here: They are amazingly gorgeous and saturated.

Not all handdyed yarns are alike! They have an imprint of the dyer’s personality on them, believe it or not. Elena’s work is inspiring. When I look at her colors, they make me feel excited, ready to take on new challenges–according to many psychologists, color can impact our emotions. I will testify to that! Her palette is just stunning, and if you buy Cranberry Autumn to knit up this month (until December 26th) you’ll find a 15% off code for her yarns in the PDF! If you do, make sure to check out her designs or send her a quick thank-you note!

Ok, so I got a little off topic there, but not really. Dear readers, this is how I think. I am messy and disorganized and I sometimes take a while to get to the point! When Elena sent me a skein of Sweet Merino DK in Georgin and I got it in the mail, it was so much richer and vibrant in real life. While she does a great job capturing the essence of her yarns, I’m not sure the glow can even be captured on camera. Anyways, this yarn was just screaming cranberries to me! It reminded me of a Cranberry Pork crockpot recipe that Dan’s Gram Lois gave me as a wedding gift. I put off cooking it for two years because with only 3-4 ingredients, how can it be that good? Well, it can. I have put the recipe on the bottom of the pattern page of Cranberry Autumn for free! It takes a maximum of five minutes to prepare and about 4 hours to sit in the crockpot, which frees up your hands for knitting (or playing with your kids!) and it has the added bonus of making the house smell amazing. The recipe can be found here

I know bobbles are love/hate. While working up this hat, I was skeptical too as it looks…interesting…while still in progress. Once it’s blcoked out, though, it’ adorable, and it’s my go-to hat now!


Lastly, I want tothank the gorgeous Kaeley for modeling the hat!!!


Until next time!

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