Spring is finally here! As my contribution to the Malabrigo Quickies program, I’ve published Sweet William. It’s a quick, lightweight hat with great drape and fun detail. There’s a clean french gather at the back of the crown, and the Anglaise slipped stitch pattern is reminiscent of those early buds that shoot forth from the maple tree.


On to the inspiration! I was inspired by a very wonderful family, the Symonds. They run Sweet William’s Maple Sugar Farm in Casco, Maine. They host field trips for local schools and have an open “Maple Sugar Sunday” where the public is invited to come taste the syrup, learn how it’s made, and have a lot of fun!

Emily Symonds was kind enough to model the hat for me. Upon arriving, I was greeted by their sweet, sweet dog.


Around here, life is based on the trust system, and they have a beautiful old wooden box of Maple Syrup just waiting to be bought by local friends. There’s a little jar you can slip the money into.


Emily is absolutely gorgeous, and where better to photograph her than at home?

IMG_9612    IMG_9638    IMG_9577

In celebration of this wonderful time, I’m giving away a skein of Malabrigo Silky in Acorn, as well as a half pint of dark amber maple syrup straight from the Symond’s farm! (it’s not available online or anywhere else for purchase!)


Just leave me a comment with your favorite thing to put maple syrup on, and you’ll be entered to win!



153 thoughts on “Sweet Williams Giveaway

  1. Lori

    Pancakes – without a doubt – served with real homemade butter and warmed maple syrup. Thanks for sharing this flavor memory with us today.


  2. Bonnie Politano

    Freshly made waffles with strawberries (Maine ones, in season, of course), freshly made whipped cream and sweet cream butter. Truly decadent!


  3. Christine

    I love maple syrup on french toast. My husband brings me syrup from Canada, but I am sure that Maine maple is better 😉
    Have a stellar day!


  4. sari

    Beautiful hat!

    And as for maple syrup, how can I choose one thing? I love it in iced coffee, on my steel-cut oats, as a sweetener for homemade granola, and on candied on my veggie sausage patties.
    But that’s just the beginning…


  5. Jo

    I love to put maple syrup on the buttermilk pancakes my husband makes from scratch every weekend 🙂 I also like to dip my bacon in the syrup!


  6. sam

    All the breakfast food! And some maple muffins.And baked ham, And well, really, isn’t everything better with maple? Yum! And another beautiful pattern!


  7. Pat

    I love maple syrup on my porridge! I do not live anymore in the States, am I entitled to participate? Thank you for the giveaway in any case.


  8. Donna

    Oohh! Maple syrup on French toast made with Portuguese Sweet Bread. Married to a Quebec native, there’s no ‘fake’ syrup in our house. Mmmm Spring!


  9. Sally Oakley

    My family puts maple syrup on all kinds of strange foods. I’m a purist and love it on pancakes. 🙂 I guess you won’t want to post to Australia, Alicia, but I thought I’d leave a comment and say how much I love this hat pattern. Gorgeous.


    1. Nance

      Nothing better than the silken goodness of maple syrup on chicken and waffles, a southern tradition! The sweetness of the maple syrup as a contrast against the crispiness of the fried chicken can’t be beat…I can taste it now!


  10. Jasmyn Grimes

    I love to use maple syrup when I bake as a sweetener! My new favorite recipe is an oatmeal chocolate chip bar that calls for maple syrup.


  11. Heidi G

    I love maple syrup in my caramel corn. And on bacon. And waffles. You made some lovely photos to share this great pattern, pretty girl, and beautiful land. Sap is running… must mean it’s spring!


  12. Woolytanis on Rav

    porridge (oats) and maple syrup is to die for 🙂 im guessing you will not post to the uk but wanted to play along 🙂 and let you know how pretty your pattern is *hugs*


  13. Michelle M.

    My family loves Maple syrup! The usual use for it is on Pancakes and also every once in a while I bring out my mothers Waffle maker and my husband and children love them. With fresh maple syrup it brings back many wonderful childhood memories!! I have recently started to add it to my morning coffee instead of using creamer. Alicia I love this Gorgeous hat pattern and it has a wonderful story behind it 🙂


  14. Kimberley Buergel

    This is a truly beautiful pattern! I love maple syrup on pancakes (of course!) and a little in my oatmeal.


  15. Carrie

    I love to put a little in my oatmeal…but my daughter and I also love a little taste straight up, no chaser 😉


  16. Jackie

    Sunday morning at our house means pikelets for breakfast. And has done for years since our children were wee. They are both now teenagesrs and still ask their dad to make them.
    Bananas and maple syrup has been the topping for as long as they have been eating them!
    A swirl also goes very nicely on top of a bowl of porridge.


  17. Angela Hickman

    Ooh, this is a gorgeous hat! I love classic French toast with maple syrup, but I also like to add maple syrup to salad dressing and even refried beans (for burritos) to add something unexpected. (Now I want breakfast all over again!)


  18. Kati

    Oh, my brother would LOVE this. He (and my father, really) have been wanting to try homemade (I guess you’d say? :)) maple syrup for eons now.. I personally am not a huge fan of it, but they will eat it on anything; my brothers especially like to get up early and make pancakes for us all in the morning. I’d say their favorite thing to eat it on are these positively giant pancakes they like to make — called “celebration pancakes,” they cover the entire bottom of the frying pan.


  19. Melanie Lee

    Waffles! Someday, when I have more kitchen space, I’m going to get a waffle maker. I could eat breakfast foods for every meal of the day! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  20. mjvinas

    Hi! I tried posting my “favorite maple syrup recipe” here this morning, must have been caught in the spam filter: I love having steel cut oats with milt, maple syrup and pine nuts for breakfast. Helps me jump-start my day!


  21. Katie

    I like maple syrup on oatmeal, pancakes, blintz filled with sweet potatoes and ricotta cheese, and many other things. I will not use corn syrup on my pancakes.


  22. Andrea

    My cousin Ken’s buttermilk pancakes are never the same without real maple syrup. I think that is the only thing I use syrup for…


  23. millymom619

    OMG – I need this pattern, but more importantly that syrup!!! I love real, small batch maple syrup. YUM! My favorite thing to put syrup on is my greek yogurt. Sometimes I use honey, but a real maple syrup with that little bit of toasted marshmallow flavor is my favorite. My kids stick to pancakes and french toast, though. Or…turkey sausage (my daughter).


  24. anne

    Darling hat! When my kids were home and I made bread I would let them each have a piece of dough to play then they flattened and we put in skillet with a little butter to cook. It was served with maple syrup . Needless to say I had helpers for all my break making.


  25. Diana Watkins

    Love this hat pattern! I literally said ‘Ooooooh’ when I saw it 😉 My favorite thing to put maple syrup on is my Pumpkin Spice Nutty Pancakes. With a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon… NOM!


  26. Fireside178

    Blueberry pancakes! I also love using maple syrup in place of white sugar. It is wonderful in homemade granola.


  27. Jessica

    I love all of your patterns, and this hat is lovely!!

    I love syrup on made from scratch pancakes. My dad used to make them really tall by separating the eggs whites from the yolks and beat them stiff, then fold them in the batter. Soooo good!!


  28. Heidi Wolff

    I use it a lot but love it best on buttery polenta with toasted pine nuts mixed in. What a lovely pattern and so nice to find your site.


  29. Jennifer

    I love syrup on buttered toast with a side of sausage links. It’s a great way to use up stale bread on lazy weekends when I don’t want to make ‘real’ pancakes.


  30. lori

    oh my goodness this hat is lovely and yes so is emily, it’s so darling on her! i love everything about this post, the hat, the trust system, the beautiful dog, silky malabrigo and that glowing bottle of maple syrup. i have to admit, i haven’t had it but a few times, maybe it’s because i live here on the central coast of california? but now i’m very intrigued and if i won (!) i would try all the ways i’ve found here in your comments! thank you for the chance! lori x

    (what kimberly said was SO sweet!)


  31. Carrie

    I like to make maple syrup cookies – only with really really good maple syrup. I think I got the recipe from Martha Stewart? But every fall I get out my leaf shaped cookie cutters, and orange, yellow and red sugar, and make my maple cookies


  32. Michaela

    Oh Alicia, that’s a great little story, it made me really happy reading it 🙂 And what a great hat pattern!
    I grew up in Germany, and I didn’t know maple syrup until I moved to Canada. So far, I’ve tried it on pancakes, in shakes and smoothies, and for a salmon glaze. Pancakes gotta be my fave, though, as I have a very sweet tooth 🙂


  33. Abigail

    Dear Alicia,
    I used to live in Québec (which produces 80% of the world’s maple products) and we would boil it down just a bit; it makes delicious candy!
    However, like everyone else, I just put it on pancakes.
    Lovely pattern and thanks for the giveaway!


  34. Kim

    I love maple syrup on pretty much everything! Hard to pick a favourite but it would have to be on breakfast sausages.. And waffles (with strawberries and whipped cream of course!). Love the hat btw, added my to ravelry queue!


  35. Kristin EM

    I love the pattern! It’s beautiful and subtle. I’m also a big fan of maple syrup and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. My favorite thing to add it to is vanilla soy yogurt.


  36. Heidi Rosin

    You create the neatest things and I LOVE real maple syrup but seldom get it :). The last time I had some I used it to make homemade granola….omg yum!!!! 🙂


  37. Linda

    Well – I like to mix a bit of mustard and cinnamon in about a quarter cup of maple syrup to make a glaze for roast chicken. Sounds a bit strange, but it’s really good and has become a family favorite! Very pretty hat pattern. Thanks for a nice give away.


  38. Lori

    IF I’m being ladylike, I like maple syrup best on sourdough waffles. If I’m just being ME, I like it best on my fingers. 😉 (I love it on bacon too…and sausage…and pancakes…and SNOW!)

    VERY cute hat!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    God bless!


  39. Andee

    I love to syrup on my french toast.

    I just love the hat and the pictures are beautiful. I’d love to get my hands on that yarn! I have never used it before.


  40. Daniela Bautista

    I am with other here. I pour 1/4 of a bottle of maple syrup on my pancakes, sausage and eggs. Hahaha


  41. Melissa Leisher

    Of course homemade pancakes are great with syrup (is it bad that I have never had anything other than store-bought syrup?!?) but I also love it in my oatmeal 🙂

    Alica this hat pattern is fabulous! I cannot wait to make it 🙂


  42. Debbie VanDerMolen

    My homemade whole wheat pancakes. When my young grandson (and his Mom) lived with us, I would make a big batch and freeze them (the ones we didn’t eat right away). I could pop them in the microwave a few at a time for a quick, healthy, delicious breakfast on a school morning.


  43. liz nadeau

    Hubby has family on the east coast. I love maple syrup candy the best but I will pour the syrup on almost anything. Its great to bake with too.


  44. Sparrow

    Lovely hat. 🙂 I am a maple-syrup-on-oatmeal girl, all the way!.Oatmeal in any form (bowl, cookie, bar, cake) is great with maple syrup! mmmmmmm


  45. Dianne (knitsublime)

    Love the hat! And love maple syrup on my french toast, as well as on my berries and yogurt–yum.


  46. Adrienne

    Gorgeous hat, Alicia!

    You know, syrup is 1 of the 4 food groups for elves: Candy, Candy Corn, Candy Canes, and SYRUP! My little elf loves to put syrup on traditional breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes. I love to dip breakfast sausage in it. 🙂


  47. Adina

    Oh my goodness, I love maple syrup on so many things! One of my non-breakfasty favorites is a marinade that I make for either salmon or chicken. It makes people that don’t like fish LOVE my maple salmon!


  48. Nance

    This sweet goodness needs to be paired with the southern tradition of chicken and waffles! The silkiness of the syrup contrasts with the crunchiness of the fried chicken…such a wonderful combination. I can taste it now!


  49. Paula

    I love maple syrup on freshly cut fruit salad, with homemade yoghurt and lashings of raw cacoa nibs! (I am in New Zealand so not sure if I can enter, but the prize looks so scrummy, thought I had to try 😉


  50. Laura Reinbach

    Awesome hat! Love the stitch pattern.
    Maple syrup on blueberry pancakes,of course, and also mixed in plain yogurt. Oooo, and also mixed with cream cheese to make the best icing for cupcakes or anything really. Yummy!


  51. Lark

    what a lovely hat! I love the stitch pattern.

    Maple syrup is good on so many things it’s hard to choose, but I would have to say my favorite is fresh waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup! It was my favorite breakfast as a kid.


  52. atomic-princess

    Amazing hat! Can’t wait to knit it! As for what I put maple syrup on…? It would probably be easier to think of what I *don’t* put it on! I love the stuff! haha

    My absolute favorite is probably mixing it in with my oat/wheat-meal in the mornings. mmm~


  53. elflyn

    Oh my! We love maple syrup on pancakes and I always make a maple syrup sweetened muesli 🙂 Though I’m sure you won’t want to post to Australia 🙂
    The hat pattern is lovely, I will be adding it to my queue for sure.


  54. Gavi

    On crepes with bananas. These pictures have made me crave it now so I am going to go make myself a toaster waffle with maple syrup right now.


  55. whatzitknitz

    so many things I like maple syrup on – but if I had to pick only one thing…….
    I love french toast with maple syrup.
    and if fresh figs are in season — cut up figs sauted in a little butter then add maple syrup to the pan to top the french toast. yum…..
    as a child we only ever had mrs. butterworth so now that I am an adult I indulge in the real deal ; )


  56. doonya

    I offer you freshly made spoonbread (a raised, almost souffle-like version of cornbread) …. still warm from the oven with cool maple syrup. My mom used to serve us this when we were youngsters. Absolutely the best ever!


  57. Kim

    On French toast, mmmm. Though it’s great on Belgian waffles too. (apparently I like things with nationalities in the names?)


  58. Jennifer R.

    I love the hat! As for the maple syrup…yummmmm maple syrup…I love “made from scratch” pancakes (or waffles) smothered in maple syrup, and a side of bacon or sausage links to “dip” in the remainder of the syrup. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway (I must go eat something now)!!!

    P.S. It thrills me to see that there are still people/places that respect the “Honor System” 🙂


  59. Emily Ruth

    Maple syrup is the best. I live in Maine, too, and I love all of the local farms around. I like to put maple syrup on pancakes and French toast. Adding whipped cream and strawberries doesn’t hurt, either. *smile*


  60. Kathy

    Beautiful hat and a great story! I love maple syrup and remember when I was a kid that it was a very precious commodity since it was (rightfully!) so much more costly than the fake grocery store brand “maple flavoured” syrups. My favourite thing to put real maple syrup on is … a spoon! And, after that, directly into my mouth 🙂


  61. Michelle

    Being in Canada, maple syrup is a staple. I love it most on French Toast, but also love it in lemonade. My husband using it as “sugar” in his coffee every morning. The hat is beautiful. Looking forward to making it soon.


  62. Linda Babcock

    Gorgeous hat! I remember the honor system – our milkman used to use that system, too. (wow – old school, milk delivery to the back door!!) Maple syrup on pancakes with peanut butter. Oh.my.goodness


  63. Susan Ekstrom

    Lovely hat and wondrous photo shoot, so much ambience! My compliments. I love maple syrup stirred into plain whole yogurt OR dribbled onto pieces of the butter-fried polenta at our local, most amazing breakfastery Morning Glory.


  64. Chrissy

    What a cool pattern! We put maple syrup on just about anything at our house. Our favorite morning includes coffee with maple syrup and hot cereal topped with butter and of course, maple syrup!! I even sweeten cookies with maple syrup instead of using sugar 🙂


  65. May

    This syrup would be divine on my favorite recipe of sour cream pancakes. Gorgeous hat pattern and yarn! Thanks for an awesome giveaway.


  66. Debbie

    What a gorgeous hat pattern, going into my queue for holiday gifts! Thanks for offering such a special treat…as for my special food for syrup topping — a little different from others, love it on fried eggplant (grandma’s favorite that I’ve carried on)


  67. Bo

    Love the pattern!

    I just had a plate full of huckleberry pancakes from the mix my in laws sent from Oregon. Definitely my fave with maple syrup. 🙂


  68. JJ

    Since our boys, 4 & 6, came to us a year ago, we make traditions to continue as we bond. Maple syrup over pancakes on Pancake Day…aka Saturdays fits the bill. and this color of your hat is exactly syrup. thanks!


  69. Lauren

    Yum…maple syrup….I love it on my oatmeal, I love it, possibly even more, on waffles (with sliced fruit and homemade whipped cream!)….ooh and I love when my breakfast sausage is on the same plate with pancakes or something and the pure maple syrupy goodness can be enjoyed with every bite of everything on the plate. Delicious. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!


  70. Nuala

    My favourite is on french toast with bacon. Mmmmm…… Least favourite is if it gets anywhere near my yarn!


  71. Keri

    To my son, Maple syrup is so much more than a condiment. It is a part of every meal. Pancakes, french toast, waffles- of course! but he likes to dip bananas in it. Sweet potatoes too. He’s quite creative. I like to make bourbon-maple syrup baked sweet potatoes…mmmm.

    LOVE the hat! thanks for the chance to win!


  72. Debbie

    Cute hat pattern and would love to put the maple syrup on Julia Child’s “from scratch” pancakes!


  73. Sarah

    My husband and daughter make homemade waffles for us every weekend….maple syrup is so delicious! Love the hat, too.


  74. Roberta

    We love maple syrup!! Especially when camping and grandkids make pancakes and fried eggs .. They drizzle lotz of maple syrup over.
    I use maple syrup as my sweetener on almost everything 🙂


  75. April R.

    I love maple syrup, love, love , love it. Especially on fresh warm pumpkin pie, homemade vanilla ice cream, and of course on waffle and pancake. I also like using it as a sweetner in place of sugar, hone, or agave. It has such a delicious rich flavor!


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