Oh, dear friends. There is nothing quite like letting your children run free at the ocean after a long winter! I took the girls to a local state park to photograph Popham. It was so wonderful to see them running loose, dancing with the waves, dipping their toes in the cold ocean!


Popham is worked up in Quince & Co’s Chickadee, and it’s the perfect lightweight spring yarn. The ply and bounce is unbeatable, which is perfect for textures. Rebekah picked out this blue herself, to match the ocean & her eyes.

Unfortunately, while we were running free, someone broke my car window & stole my purse & wallet. But…it was almost worth it to capture these moments…and they didn’t get my camera, so that’s always a relief! It was also a great moment to have a deep discussion with my daughter about the importance of forgiveness and grace, and how we get the chance to extend it to others, even when they do hurtful things to us.


Yes, springtime is here again.


Please come give Popham some love on Ravelry!
And the winner of the sweet Williams Giveaway is Amchart. Please find me on Ravelry and send me a pm with your address!

I have lots of fun things in the work–some will be out soon! Until then, dear friends!

3 thoughts on “Popham

  1. DebH

    What a sweet summer top on your sweet little girl! It looks like a wonderful day, despite the theft. I’m so sorry that happened – and appreciate your point of view.


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