(Hannah modeling my new favorite Market Bag from R & T)

Sometimes random moments are just meant to be. The first time I ever walked into Natasha’s store, Rough & Tumble, was completely by chance. It just happens to be two storefronts down from my favorite LYS, and while we were all sitting in a circle, knitting away, one of the ladies mentioned it. I honed in on two words in particular, and heard nothing else–local, handbag. You all at this point obviously know my deep, driving passion for local items and those of you closer to me know about my small collection of coach bags. With that in mind, I convinced one of the ladies to accompany me down the street.

Walking in was an experience in itself–the shop is a breezy mixture of clean lines, stunning bags, and negative space. It much reflects Natasha herself–she has a sunny, cheerful face and a zen-like peace about her, even when she’s busy. She took the time to tell me a lot about the store.
All the bags are handmade right there–the entire workspace is open, separated only by a countertop like structure.
Natasha works with all different kinds of materials–deceptively delicate looking linen, rugged waxed canvas, and buttery soft leather. She designs for both function and beauty–one of her bags can be used 3 different ways–and goes through many prototypes to get it right.

The bottom line, in my opinion? The pieces are gorgeous, ethical, and local. The aesthetic is stunning. The bags are strong. The prices are more than fair. I’ve just sold most of my coach bags at a yard sale and will be adding to my new Rough & Tumble Collection. Just look at these gorgeous pieces with artist-designed linen (I have a market bag with the white lines!)

I was also lucky enough to use one of Natasha’s bags for a photo shoot involving two upcoming patterns, Trowbridge & Quilted. This autumn, I’m working with an outdoor theme (can you tell?)

I love the rich cinnamon-pumpkin shade of this one.


It seems to harmonize with everything we style it with! The White cowl is worked up in Quince & Co’s Osprey yarn. A favorite local Maine yarn of mine!


For the giveaway- 2 skeins of Quince & Co. Lark AND one R & T wristlet of my choice.
To enter: share this post on facebook, and then visit Natasha’s Rough & Tumble on Etsy and tell me which bag you think would work with everything in your closet!

I just wanted to add that I am not sponsored by any of the companies I promote–I love this stuff and I that’s why I write about it!

Winner will be announced one week from today!

55 thoughts on “Local Love & Giveaway 2

  1. Amber

    Wow!! I love all those bags, how can I choose!? I guess if I couldn’t have them all (!) I would choose the FIELD TOTE – waxed canvas bag- classic and could go with anything. I will be saving my pennies for one of those!


  2. Julia

    Definitely sling in brushed gold. Funny thing? I’m 8.3 miles away from a store that sells these (Cambridge, MA)…but I can’t get there because I have a meeting, and then have to drive 4 hours home tomorrow…so It’ll have to wait…sad.


  3. Sam

    Oh, Alicia. You find the most wonderful things. Now, if only I could afford one. Definitely going on my Christmas list! I love the tiny sling. And all the colors are so beautiful!


  4. Melissa

    Ok, wow. I’m in love. You have 100% accomplished your goal of getting her name and products out there and now I’m in love. Fantastic. As for your contest, I swear, any of her bags will go with EVERYTHING I OWN!!!! IT’S AMAZING!!! Ok, now I need to regulate my breathing and go shop more…


  5. Michaela

    Wow, those bags are just beautiful! Although I did look through all of her selection, the most perfect piece for me was right there on the first page: the tiny sling in the colour “English Saddle” ( – it would match everything in my clost perfectly! Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I was more than happy to share it on FB for everyone to see šŸ™‚


  6. Melissa

    So, this Christmas, you can definitely get me the Petite Boho…beings that I’m the coolest design partner you could ever ask for. =)


  7. Gina

    Such beautiful handbags! I love the midi hobo pack, that’s my favorite. I will have to save up for it…

    I shared on FB too šŸ™‚


  8. millymom619

    I can’t decide between the Large Duffel, Petite Hobo, and Lined Sling. I’ve been looking for purses in this style for about 2 yrs!


  9. Jordyn

    So neat! I wish there were more places like that around here. I like the duffel bag in vintage cognac best I think. And Quince is wonderful too šŸ™‚


  10. Beth

    Just found your website/blog and Ravelry page, plus this great plug for Rough&Tumble – which one of the stores is just north of me. Sounds like I need an excuse for a break from work for a small road trip.
    I’m a hobo bag type of gal – something soft brown leathery, slouchy but with plenty of pockets and other amenties inside. The Duffle just fit the bill. Absolutely perfect. Will definitely check them out – and if a LYS is nearby – the duffle just may come home with me filled with yarn! Now that’s a great birthday present to myself!


  11. Jeannine

    I love all of her bags, but if I have to pick one it would be the Petite Boho with the outer zipper. I would love to visit her shop. Shared with my facebook family.


    1. Samantha

      I got so excited I got the name wrong… It’s the petite hobo bag… The vintage espresso is Gorgous… They are fantastic bags!! New obsession! šŸ˜‰


  12. Robin

    Beautiful bags- hard to pick a favorite! Perhaps the petite hobo or petite boho in vintage cognac would be at the top of my list! Stunning!


  13. Renee tellen

    Tough choice to make from all of the fabulous bags, but I kept coming back to the 1903 NY CROSS BODY. A dream bag. Love the wristlet, too! So wonderful to learn of this incredible artisan’s creations.


  14. Phyllis Caccioppo

    I love so many but the MID HOBO PACK ‘three in one’ – leather backpack – I think would be hard to live without at the moment. The size is perfect -not to large, not too small. The 2 toned color really got me.
    I want one.

    : D


  15. marta

    I’m loving the 1903 NY cross-body. What a fabulous find! If I win, that’s great, but I think I’ll have a R&T bag one way or another!


  16. Aggie R.

    A great hand knit and a great handbag really make for a great look!
    I think the Field Tote would complete my wardrobe. I really like the look of the distressed waxed leather. I only carry around a bag that can fit all the items I need, so the oversized bag with its extra pockets is great as not only a diaper bag but a knitting bag as well.


  17. Beth

    Are you kidding me. I am IN LOVE with roughandtumble!!! I have been on etsy every day [have several of these linked in Etsy as favs] trying to decide between a 1904 XL sachel or this beautiful laptop city safari with linen and cognac :
    I did not know the store front was so close to the yarn shop. May have to make a trip myself. I have fav these and will pin the post also!!!


  18. Shannon Booth

    I just had to say I love your blog for one. And I also have to say I love this giveaway. I sadly am not able to share this on Facebook, but I did go to the rough and tumble etsy store and immediately loved/regretted it lol. Those bags are gorgeous and works of art and completely unhealthy for my pocketbook, I promptly favorited their shop and a few of their bags, my favorites are the boho styles and the duffle styles. Thank you for an introduction to such an amazing little shop!


  19. elflyn

    For me it has to be the 1903 NY cross body, I love, love, love it.
    It would go with everything I own and I would be able to pack all the things I need for an outing with my boys. Must start saving šŸ™‚


  20. yarnella

    Since I just moved to Seattle and need something that is water resistant to take when I bike to work in the rain, the FIELD MESSENGER 1913 waxed canvas laptop bag is PERFECT!


  21. Michele

    I love the PETITE HOBO PACK ‘three in one’ – leather backpack in Cognac!! That bag is gorgeous!! I’m sorry I don’t have a facebook page/account, or I would definitely share!


  22. Sheryl

    The Field Tote is my favorite, I’d have to sell a calf to buy one though! I don’t do Facebook so unable to share there, sorry.


  23. SarAhg

    They are all so beautiful! The large duffle seems like it would be great to go with everything. But I’m sure if I spend some more time, I will change my mind a few times!
    Don’t do Facebook either.


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