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& Cinnamon!

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So…what’s on my needles now?

IMG_1096A few different things! I have a rustic BT cardi in the works, another Starboard for E in beloved Swan’s Island, and a cozy shawl in Mecha.

One of the questions I’ve been asked by so many of you dear friends is how I do it. Melissa and I laugh about that one, because we really, really, really (let me STRESS this) don’t do it all. A typical day for me can involve lots of things, but I make sure to block off anything after 8:30 for knitting and Rav-message responding, pattern writing, communicating with my lovely TE Jan, brainstorming, and so on.

My house is pretty messy. My stomach pooches out a bit at the bottom because I never do those crunches I promise myself I’ll do every night. My car is…well, let’s just say some of my friends refuse to ride in my car.



All that being said, downtime is so nice. Here I am with some cocoa, wooly slippers and a fire in the woodstove. šŸ™‚

But my knitting is enjoyable, my husband is happy, & my children are well cared for. I guess you’d say I’m one of those people that really isn’t on top of everything, but sometimes appears as though she is. I promise–I’m not! 5 p.m. usually finds me frantically trying to defrost something for dinner because I forgot to thaw earlier–or vacuuming because I haven’t cleaned at all during the day. I’m trying to remind myself that time is fleeting, and it doesn’t hurt anything if I finish a sweater a few days later than I wanted. It’s not going to ruin the day if the laundry is spread eagle across my bathroom floor for one more night.

So how do you handle your time? I’m intrigued to hear any tips you might have about time management that you’d like to share with others! Are you Christmas knitting yet? Are you going to do Christmas knitting?

Today’s giveaway is few skeins of cascade 220 sport in a lovely slate blue color! Comment and share on another social media site (but please no spamming in random Rav groups!)


30 thoughts on “Countryline Giveaway Winners & Time Management

  1. Anne Marie

    Your dinner prep sounds like mine! Much more frightening here as I have to cook for 9! I wish I could be on the ball enough to get the crock pot going every morning. On the rare occasions when I do, it’s WONDERFUL!


  2. Melanie

    Well, I have no real tips on time management…I probably spend a lot more time knitting than cleaning…. But I am pretty excited to have started my Christmas knitting already! I try to do mostly small gifts, for those who I know will appreciate them, and this year I’m also knitting Christmas stockings for my fam.


  3. Cicha

    I am working right now only few hours per day (half-time), because my little one is still to little to spent more time without me and my breast ;-)))) After back home I must play with her and make some dinner… because my husband and my older girls will back home shortly. We always eat together and I love this time. Then we are washed dishes, cleaning, vacuuming, going for a walk or play with kids at home. Girls always go to bath about 7pm, after this they eat supper, go to bad and finally I have some time for knitting šŸ˜‰ During the day I have no time for this at all – maybe when Sara will be more “independent” I will have some time for this during the day too… but I will work then full-time for sure…

    I already make some winter set for my husband, but I couldn’t wait for a Christmas and gave it to him few days ago… ha,ha,ha ;)))) I made a hat for my oldest girl, but she received it yesterday ;-)))) So probably I will knit something for everyone soon, but I’m not sure if I will waiting for Christmas as I should ;))))


  4. Marilyn (Merry) Fenton

    I’m single so things are easier for me. What’s also easier is putting off chores in favor of knitting. Or eating cereal for dinner because I get home too late from swimming to cook. But life goes on. And all my Christmas knitting (socks) is well in hand. I started last winter and planned a pair each month so I wouldn’t be slamming like I was last December. So far, I’m on target. Yay!
    wahoomerryf on Rav


  5. Sheryl

    This may sound a bit anal but I have a laundry day, usually Monday’s, and I like lists. I always have a running list of things that need to be done (or that I’d like to do) both inside and outside. It always feels good when I cross something off!


  6. Adrienne

    Ugh. Time management. šŸ™ I think we all have problems in that department. I work full-time outside of the home. I’m also pregnant with #2 (so exhausted and sick). My knitting time has dramatically decreased, but it’s slowing starting to pick up now that I’m not as ill. I do the same as you…start knitting around 8:30 after my son is in bed. Or waiting in the doctor’s office, or on my lunch hour. I don’t think I’m going to do much Christmas knitting. My best time management idea is to not over-extend yourself. There are a bunch of KAL’s and such I’d like to participate in, but I’ve got to get real. I just don’t have enough time in the day (and my queue is out of hand).


  7. Kate

    Some day I aspire to be a SAHM/knitting mogul. I think I would probably end up managing my time similarly to how you do – getting sucked into the knitting and the rav’ing and then realizing the day is gone and the family wants feeding! But it sounds like a wonderful, happy existence and is definitely something I strive for.


  8. Andrea

    Keeping a schedule for me is key! I homeschool for set hours durning the day, get a couple chores done after, get dinner ready and eat, work for a few hours most evenings, put the kids to bed, then my hubby and me spend some time together I knit, etc. then off to bed and do it all over again! Weekends are our time to break schedule and be laid back!


  9. Celeste

    I’m planning for Xmas knitting haha. So that obviously means I’m behind right?!

    Time management scares me. I don’t have my calendar filled with too many appointments but when the unexpected happens, like a sick child needing to come home from school or my car needs to be serviced suddenly, I get beyond stressed. Just as you do with blocking off time for Ravelry correspondence and knitting, block off time for errands or cleaning or other things. Even if you won’t clean all the things after an hour, you’ll feel better knowing things are a little less messy.


  10. Jordyn

    Lovely colorway. I have started Christmas knitting, but haven’t made much progress yet. As soon as school is out it’ll be Christmas knitting crunch time!


  11. Heather

    I don’t have abusy family of my own yet, but I do nanny so I can relate to the frazzled dinner rush or toy strewn house. As long as everyone is happy and healthy I’d say you’re doing it right even if you aren’t doing “everything”.


  12. Chaline

    I am starting to organize my Christmas knit list. More of a who gets what and since I have a 5 month old, more like what will take the least amount of time. I’m still determined to knit a few gifts. My knit time is at night and I commit 2 hours, after the little one hits the hay.


  13. SarAhg

    I don’t know how some people do it! Thank god for my amazing husband! My DD keeps me running all day and we are trying to make better use of our crock pot. It is out a couple of times a week. The cleaning gets done…well..eventually! Knitting… After everyone else goes to bed. Including hubby. I always have great intentions of knitting for people but I usually don’t get a whole lot done and now with the little one…unless someone has another pair of arms to loan me, it is probably out of the question.


  14. Rikki

    I work full time and have 3 kids with lots of activities so time management isn’t high up on my list. Kids clean, family fed, homework done. That all comes first. Then I worry about the chores. Laundry skipped a day…vacuuming not done…at the end of the day my kids will remember the fun we had doing whatever was planned and not the pile of whites in the laundry basket.


  15. Isabel

    I did start christmas knitting! I have to start now or i won’t get enough done for all my family! Its totally worth it, though šŸ™‚


  16. Linda

    I am still “organizing” my Christmas knitting…aahhhemmm.
    I usually knit in the afternoon on a concentrate quiet time project and an easy T V project at night only for a few hours at a time on either. Attention span is waneing lately.
    I do multi dinners usually…like 3 lasagnas (give one away and freeze one for later) or a big pot of stew, things that last for a few days


  17. ummrania

    I dont manage time very well, but what I do try to do is have a basic schedule and stick to it everyday. I dont follow a schedule for myself per se, but for my 3 school kids who need to know when is what. I noticed they and I are much more balanced when we all know what is happening next.


  18. Andrea B

    On my early mornings, I try and load my espresso maker the night before. I know that only saves a few seconds at most but it makes me FEEL like I’m on top of things for the day.


  19. sherri

    Time management … use your crockpot, make extra and freeze meals for later …
    I try to manage my time, but I am not very successful lol
    Christmas knitting … I’m trying but my work outside the home is seriously getting the way šŸ™
    Posting about you giveaway on my blog šŸ™‚


  20. Rebecca

    On busy days, the crock pot is a must. Cleaning happens in stages, and takes longer than i wish it would. Being a homeschooling mom as well, I am in a similar boat. Knitting takes place in the evenings, or while I sit at the girls piano and/or gym classes. This is the first time in 7 years that I am not knitting Christmas gifts for all our relatives. My own family always falls off that list. This year it is sweaters for the girls and myself, your Starboard and Portside! They might not all be done in time, but I will try. Currently a baby blanket is one the needles. It’s a gift for a friend who is due just before Christmas. Sharing on FB.


  21. Rosa

    I have twin boys who are now 9. Ever since they were born I had to have a ‘schedule’ for everything so that my life would be somewhat ‘normal’ and I can get my knitting in as much as possible.
    Now, I even work part time so its even more critical! However, I can bring home the bacon and, well, you know the rest…..take care of everything else!


  22. shelley

    I’m not sure I will ever succeed at time management but I figure if everyone is happy/fed/warm and I still get a chance to do some knitting then I’m doing ok šŸ™‚ I have started Christmas knitting but still more to go, no doubt I will be finishing things up on Christmas eve just like most years šŸ™‚


  23. Rebecca

    Christmas knitting? Umm I recall saying something about knitting ALL my Christmas gifts this year… only problem is I haven’t started yet!! Yikes! I think I might be in a spot of trouble there… šŸ˜‰


  24. PAula

    Alicia, this post is like about me lol I’ m knitting mostly when my DD sleeps. I prefer knitting than cleaning that’s obvious when you see my home…Yarn everywhere.
    Lovely page btw!


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