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Today (er, last night) I released Quilted. This is one of those things, dear friends, where I searched for Quilted on Ravelry prior to naming this and nothing came up, but somehow there are many patterns with this name that just didn’t show during my search! IF you like it, please come show it some love on Ravelry! These pictures…I’m so excited to show you, because the little thumbnails just don’t do them justice and here I can blow them up full(er) size!


Anyways, the inspiration for this is very personal for me. For years, my mother has made amazing, amazing quilts (I have pictures from the 80’s with some great star and pinwheel shapes!). One of her later quilts was a gift to my grandmother in all vintage reproduction fabrics. My grandmother passed away a few years ago (and don’t get me started on how incredible she was, or how deeply she’s missed–but that’s for another post). Anyways, when my grandmother passed the quilt was passed on to me. It’s very thin-no fluffy polyester batting, but instead that thin yet substantial cotton batting that makes the quilt super light yet amazingly warm and cozy.


It’s my absolute FAVORITE thing to snuggle up in in the living room. I wanted something to carry that feel in the knitwear–smooshy, yet lightweight, with some fun geometrical interest. Thus, quilted was created. It takes around 510-600 yards of Aran weight yarn– I used the lightweight Osprey.

My favorite thing about this pattern is the squish–but my next fave thing is all the ways it can be worn!

Doubled, above. Singled, below:



As an open back shrug of sorts: (and another shot of Rough and Tumble Bag)


And as a nursing cover:


Yes, I know, Alora is freakishly beautiful. She’s an even more beautiful person on the inside and I am honored to have her as a friend!

This is also the first pattern I’ve done where I’ve made up my very own chart! Lots of work, but exciting.



2 thoughts on “Cowl Release; Rough & Tumble Bag Giveaway winner

  1. Sara

    It’s fabulous, Alicia! And I think you achieved everything you set out to with this cowl. It is amazingly soft, lightweight and cozy!


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