So…I’m typically bad at posting, but this time I have an excuse. I’ve been recovering from sinus surgery (involving a deviated septum among other things) and also from being carless! The Ford finally decided to give up on me and I decided to go running back to Honda.

Anyways, it’s one of those weeks. Where you drive over a ginormous screw with your new car. And if you take it out, you’ll get a flat, so instead you drive “whompwhompwhomp” all the way home. Then your dog decides he doesn’t want to do his business outside tonight, the floor looks like a much better place.

Such is life, right?

Tonight, I decided to release White Leaf.


(eeeek. Skin’s not looking so great!!!)


It’s only $2.00 to celebrate Plum Dandi (group on Ravelry) hitting over 2,000 members! I still can’t believe it. And every single person in our group is amazing. I love reading your stories, where you’re from, what you do for work, all those things. It’s so incredible to Melissa and I that we could get such a great group of ladies, who all lift each other up and support each other. It’s beautiful, and we’re humbled and grateful for it!

This is a comfort knit, plain and simple. Squishy Garter on the edges. Quiet garter texture on the body whispers subtleties, and a serene leaf lace motif travels silently up the side. The colorway, in case you’re wondering, is Augustbird’s Rich Aran (180 yards a skein!) in Softly. Perfectly matched for this pattern, don’t you think?

Restless-Knitter on Ravelry is also releasing a coordinating hat–I’ll update as soon as she goes live with it!

Come sit and have some white tea. Because we all know that after winter vacation, jumping back into the grind of things is, well, grinding…and this polar vortex (at least here) has made things frigid–good knitting weather, but too cold to WEAR THE KNITS OUTSIDE. sigh.


Aunt Lauri, if you read this whole post, this cowl is for you. The mitts are coming. But this is yours too. For your red peacoat.


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