IMG_7953 After a ridiculously long hiatus from this blog, I am back. Should I mention I forgot how to log in? All technology jokes aside, I’m working on something right now that I’m super excited about. I am teaming up with Annie RIley of Annie Yarn (also Woolhouse Fiber Co) to host my first Mystery Knit Along! It’s going to be laid back and a lot of fun! I know a lot of you were asking for another KAL after the Ultimate Sweater KAL, so here’s something to jump into for spring!


This yarn and I have fallen in love.It’s Destiny Sock, a heavenly MCN blend with subtle tonal hues. My camera really didn’t capture the color as well as I’d like. In real life, the color is a stormy grey with those hints of purple that a thunderstorm brings. I love it so much–the colorway is called February Sky and will be included in some of the KAL kits Annie is going to post. I’m working it up on 6’s (a hint!) because I love drapey, drapey, drapey knits, especially when it’s an accessory I can wear different ways (another hint!).


I love how she braids these skeins. It makes the yarn stand out, but it’s also great for storage purposes. I can’t tell you how many skeins I’ve had unwind while sitting innocently in the plastic bins- or being carried around the house as I decide what to do with them. Sometimes I’ll bring things into the room I’m working in just to glance up at them from time to time, waiting for inspiration to strike. It didn’t take long with this stuff!



I was actually scrolling through Instagram when I came across one of Annie’s photos. I’ve been an admirer of Annie herself for a while now because of her outspokenness regarding her faith and her skilled hand in the dyepots. Annie is sweet, giving, and very generous with both her time and her resources. She and her sister spent a good hour of their day yesterday helping me get this blog back up and running-asking nothing in return! (for which I am so thankful!)



So, friends, keep your eyes peeled. I will be posting the information in Plum Dandi.

I’m aiming for a relaxed, bohemian feel (combined with my signature simple-preppy style)…so this should be interesting!

I really hope to see you on the thread…What are your thoughts? Will you be joining us in the future?



One thought on “Mystery KAL…Coming Soon!

  1. Yelena

    I am a) ecstatic to see you blogging again, b) so excited to rush out and buy this gorgeous yarn I do not need, but now must have, and c) because of a and b, I am going to really REALLY try to KAL with you!


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