Do you ever have days where you want to just knit, but life calls to you? Work, cleaning, chores, errands, meals, family…all good things. I can honestly estimate that about half of my time, if not more, as a designer–is spent answering questions, providing pattern support, working on marketing, photographing, crunching math, writing, etc…but my hands and heart yearn for the moment I settle in with a cup of tea and a skein of yarn. This was one of those times where I had prior commitments. Patterns still being written, messy house, activities to take the children to. This yarn sat in my stash, staring at me, for weeks before I was able to cast on. Hence the name Thereafter. You can find it in my rav store here.



From the front it looks like a simple Contiguous sweater (using Susie M’s amazing method)–it’s top down and seamless, but fits like a set-in sleeve rather than a raglan. I don’t dabble with it a lot, but when I do the results are so worth it. I like things that are clean and have lots of stockinette. At the end of the night, I want simplicity and purity.

The yarn, dyed by Ami at Lakes Yarn and Fiber…

Is just phenomenal. It’s a springy, bouncy, well plied dk weight. Superwash merino is a favorite of mine, and this does not disappoint. It’s like Quince Chickadee, but beefier, and superwash. It’s a base I’ve never met–it has a different hand than what I’ve seen on the market. The spring is almost enough I questioned if there was Targhee in it. The skeins come at a generous 280 yards each, and retail at only $23.00 (which, that yardage on the handdyed market is great).



The back features a lace motif I’ve loved for a while- large, elegant, winding leaves fold over one another all the way down the spine. This blue and the leaves just spoke to me–together like tea and honey 🙂


I hope you have had a wonderful Easter, my friends. I will post more updates soon about some other fun new projects I’m working on. Until then, I’m going to knit and get some rest as I had a little one up sick all night!

xoxo, for now…

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