Summer is coming soon!


We recently took our first family trip to Florida. It was an amazing journey with some crazy snags on the way- a trip I will remember fondly (and most likely, with laughter so hard it creates tears).

Some of my favorite moments during the trip were almost the simplest, and they reminded me of life here in Maine during the middle of summer.


Laying in the sand, the sun warming my skin, I drop my head and close my eyes briefly. Sand is sprayed across my back as my children go sprinting by, squealing with laughter. The waves sing their hushed rythym and seagulls cry out overhead. My husband then comes running by, the source of their squeals. I know this moment won’t last, the sun will eventually set or I will be invited to join in the play. But that split second is so restful. My children are happy, and safe.The day is beautiful, and I am calm.


Sandshore originated from that feeling. The nutty smell of sunblock, the smooth grain of sand, the refreshing cool of water as you dip your toes in.


I realized that my children’s summers just *might* not be complete without little Sandshores of their own. Click here to find it on Ravelry: right now, for 24 hours, this pattern is half off with purchase of the adult Sandshore with the code “sunnydays”. 🙂

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