Happy fall, friends! I hope your autumn is as beautiful as it is here in Maine. While we are in a drought right now, it hasn’t stopped the leaves from turning. The days have been warm, breezy and mild and the nights have been only slightly crisp. It’s definitely warmer than normal for up north! My designs have reflected this- I’m not ready to pull out the thick wool yet!


This is Ginger Maple. It’s a quick little mitt pattern worked in slip-stitch. If you remember the Earthen hat, you’ll know these mitts coordinate with it. They’re easy to adjust (just add multiples of 2 as per your gauge to upsize or downsize) and very simple. The yarn is Nice & Knit Worsted…I just love this gold! We have beautiful, papery white birches whose leaves turn this deep, dirty golden color. It reminds me of the spicy taste of ginger, the leaves in the sky, that rich glow at the base of a fire in the woodstove.


IMG_6272 The small twig I’m holding is actually Sweet Fern. We have a ton of it up here, and it’s an amazing plant. It smells rich and woodsy (and of course, sweet!). If you rub it on your hands, it’s slightly sticky and imparts that amazing fragrance. I grew up playing in the woods, and this scent is one I’ll never forget. One great thing that you can do with it, though, is treat poison Ivy. Pick some of it, boil it in water, soak that rag and then apply over affected areas. (we learn something new every day!) God puts things where we most need them, and you’ll often find this small shrub growing near Poison Ivy- they book take to the same type of soil.


IMG_6278 Did I mention these mitts are reversible? This is the wrong side, and a closer shot of the Sweet Fern. The finger cuff edge can also be flipped long for extra cold days that don’t quite require mittens just yet!

These mitts are on promotion through Ravelry- get them for half off, along with the Earthen hat using the code: fallishere.



I hope you’re having an amazing fall! I made some Apple Pie last night (find it on my Instagram, username Aliciaplums) and am warming up some pumpkin-chicken pasta as I type.


I have more wonderful things in the works!


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