When I first started knitting, I focused mainly on my girls.I loved it–and one designer that caught my eye was Kate Oates of Tottoppers. Her designs are vibrant, creative, and adorable!

I have to share this with you before we go any further because I have not knit it yet but I am obsessed with it. HOW CUTE is this, seriously? It’s the Sugar Bear Hooded Cardi…I know, I know. It makes you want to have a little one just to put in it!


I digress… Over the years Kate and I have grown a friendship- (ha, get it? GROWN? Because I’m reviewing her book, Grown??? hahaha) and when I saw she was releasing this collection I felt so honored to be able to share it with you! We talked frequently during the book’s production and I can confidently say this is a labor of love.

I’m going to share my favorites with you from the collection, and then at the end there will be a giveaway of the ENTIRE e-book to one lucky person! <3

First up is the Brecken Sweater. I’ve just discovered that I can, in fact, knit fairisle so I’m kind of in love with everything colorwork at the moment! This one is fun because it looks incredibly comfy but also interesting to knit.



Keeping with my neutral obsession, I think that the Downtown Pullover is my next favorite. I love anything menswear (mostly because that’s all that FITS my long arms)- the 3/4 zip and clever patching on this keep it clean yet modern. If my husband let me knit him sweaters I would probably knit this.



Third, and this one could be my all time favorite out of this book is the Artisan Pullover. Not only is it unisex, but it features a fantastically preppy shawl collar, colorwork, and some lovely neutrals. Go check out the rest for yourself! It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous collection!


Can we also commend Kate for her gorgeous, NATURAL looking models? Yes, this.

To enter to win, leave me a comment as to which one is your favorite! You can find the book HERE!

Kate, I’ve been keeping a secret from you. I’m a USC fan. Go Gamecocks!





kidding, kidding. I like the Gators. Settle down.



19 thoughts on “Grown

  1. Jo Willoughby

    I like the downtown pullover (after the sugar bear cardigan) for me! But I might skip the leather patches, not sure.


  2. Ashley Blank

    The Plaza Hoodie looks so comfy, but Grace Wrapper is so beautifully elegant and classy. I’m feel like both of those will be making their way into my wardrobe!


  3. Laura

    I’ve pre-ordered the book so don’t draw me. =). But I had to say I’m waiting on yarn so I can make the Sidewalk sweater. My first knit sweater! Then I want to make Jesse’s Girl. But I’m going to work on my cabeling and sweatering skills first. 😉 Beause I want to make it in the suggested yarn!


  4. Katelyn M

    Thanks for sharing about the book. I love Jesse’s girl. The book looks amazing. I really like Kate’s boys patterns. It can be hard to find cute boy patterns.


  5. Nuria

    All the patterns look great but Jesse’s Girl caught my eye! Sidewalk Sweater looks very comfy… I can’t choose only one!


  6. Jane

    Definitely Joey Sweater for me – simple, comfortable, but elegant (love the split hem!). But I would knit and wear any of them 🙂


  7. Esta

    The downtown pullover looks so cool – I’m with you, if my hubby let me knit him more than a hat, this would be the first sweater he gets!


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