Today I’m so excited to share a new pattern with you– the Midautumn Shawl! I had SO much fun knitting this one up.


It’s constructed as a top down triangle and goes very quickly once you get used to the stitch pattern. I was really lucky to have my gorgeous friend Lauren model it for me.

I love how the purl ridges play off each other and create a clean line before the rib. It’s one of those designs that just felt right. We shot in an apple orchard that is about 7 minutes down the road from us. There are rolling mountains in the distance every way you look, and it sits on a hill so all the foliage is splayed out below you.


This shoot maybe took 20 minutes…I’m really blessed, because Lauren is not only incredibly gorgeous but she’s kind, intelligent, and sweet too. She’s the kind of person you like hanging around with but you also respect, because she’s transparent and honest and open. I think this shawl was a perfect match for her.


I hope that you enjoy knitting this one as much as I have. It’s going to be one of my most worn shawls, I already know it! I knit it from a small batch farm in Turner Maine called Nezinscot farm–I used a single ply wool and angora blend.


Because it can be hard to get ahold of,I’ve suggested two different yarns, although any worsted base works beautifully. The suggested yarn for the pattern is Little Fox Vulpine DK. It’s really, really beautiful and my friend Samantha worked up a beautiful shawl in it. I will come back to this post and add her pictures, too, once I get permission.


I hope you all are doing well and finding beauty and hope in the small things this week. I also pray that we all show each other love and kindness at every step. I’ve just started working on some colorwork patterns. What is your favorite? Would you ever consider testing a colorwork item? Le me know!


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