Happy first day of Spring, friends! New Pattern Alert!!! (click the link, but read on for a discount and some exciting news!!!


While I’ve really enjoyed getting outside this winter and enjoying the snow, I’m always ready when the thaw from the western winds sweeps across our state. It’s something you can tangibly feel- the first morning that the air has changed–while you’re still lying in bed. There’s a lightness, a refreshing warmth in the atmosphere that carries over into the day.


When I was wandering through Knitwit in Portland a few weeks ago, (and in the mood for some Quince), I came across a little skein of Chickadee in the Angelica colorway… it’s so fresh and springy! It’s like a fresh minty aqua with a hint of gray to tone it down–the perfect addition to a neutral-toned capsule wardrobe. It would go equally well with this spring’s pinks and yellows, too!


Chickadee is one of my favorite lighter weight yarns because it is so substantial for a sportweight. It has a generous amount of spring, loft, and twist to it, so it makes every stitch pattern special. Along with that, Quince has over 50 colorways on this base. (No, I’m not getting paid to plug Quince, I just love their product, and it’s affordable!). To make these mitts and this headband, it will run you $3.00 for the pattern (if you use the code: springair) and $9.00 for the skein (unless you win one!).


As you all know, I love to discount my patterns upon release, but I have a special discount for you today because it comes with a surprise! For each of you that purchase my pattern, you will be ENTERED to win a skein of Chickadee in Angelica! I also have one skein of Chickadee in Root that I will be giving away. The two winners will be selected at random from the list of purchasers. They will be notified on Sunday via Ravelry Messaging and/or Instagram (using their Ravelry name, so keep watch!)


Ok, ok, now for my big announcement… One of the things I’ve really thought a lot about this year is how to make a difference in the world. I’ll admit that I allowed myself into being pigeonholed and thinking that smaller contributions didn’t always make a difference. But I was so wrong! For each month (or pattern release, depending) I will be donating a portion of my sales to a charity I think does some good in the world!

The charity that 60 Degree Mitts (and bonus headband!) will be contributing to is the K-T support group for Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome research. Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome is a vascular birthmark condition in which the soft tissues and Capillaries are affected. A beautiful, strong member of my best friend’s family has this condition. She is lively, vibrant, beautiful, and full of joy. My heart swells for love with her, and educating others about this condition (along with donating to research) is a great way to support her! There are a variety of symptoms associated with it. In the case of my dear little friend, she had a capillary on her leg that would open up and bleed at random. Surgery and many trips to a specialist has fixed this! I will share on Instagram how much money we raise <3

Come find me on Instagram as Aliciaplums!

So what’s on your spring bucket list?




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