Good Morning, my lovely friends!

Today I have a sweet little sock pattern, Brontide, to introduce you to. They take one little skein of Annie Sock (Annie isn’t dyeing at the moment, though I LOVE her braided skeins and squishy bases!)… as an alternative, I am currently obsessed with Knerdstring. I will be using Knerdstring Sport for my upcoming Summer Shawl MKAL as well! (more on that in another post)…

IMG_9188 I just love these little socks! Naming my patterns is deeply personal to me, and I love the challenge of finding very specific, tailored words that will encompass the feelings and emotions that the story of the knit writes. Brontide is a low muffled sound like distant thunder- it can be heard by lakes or the ocean, and also in certain seismic regions. This word is perfect for the moody handdyed grey of these socks. They’re quick and delicate. The eyelets remind me of the fresh breeze of a spring day–when everything is growing, the birds are singing and sunlight is streaming…but yet, looming on the horizon are huge purple cumulus clouds. The thunder trembles over the treetops, warning as it advances. That feeling is the best feeling- knowing a storm is coming. Getting things ready, and then putting on some tea and pulling out a book (or an old guitar!)

IMG_9177 For more pictures you can head over to the Ravelry page! These socks have two options for heel construction written into the pattern itself- you can do a traditional heel flap or a short row heel! It comes in three sizes, but all of them knit up super quickly! The stockinette sole adds comfort and durability to the sock.

IMG_9199 Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Indie Folk music…if you head over to my Instagram, I’ll be doing Instastories that feature some of my favorite bands! Also, if you repost these socks with the hastags #aliciaplummer and #brontidesocks, you can be entered to win a free pattern! I’ll choose a winner each week <3


IMG_9221 I hope you have a lovely spring week!

I’ll put up another Post this upcoming Thursday about what I’m working on! (hint- there might be a NEW Campside in the works, a staple cardigan, and a summer mkal…more details to come!)


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