I’m a stay at home mother of two little girls–my little Plums. We live on a farmhouse in rural Maine and I’m blessed to have a wonderful, hardworking husband who is supportive of our adventures! My cooking is decent, my homeschooling is fun, my house is messy, my garden is mediocre, and my knitting is great (we won’t mention the cleanliness of my car).

In our family, we place a lot of importance on buying local and supporting local businesses. I’d like to see more of that.

I spend hours that I could be sleeping writing knitting patterns instead. I write patterns because I love to, but also because I love to see what you (the knitter) do with my pattern. It’s like writing your own story in stitches instead of words.

I think that grace and forgiveness are two of the most important things in life (ThankyouJesus!) and always hope to keep growing.