I wrote all the names on slips of paper, folded them up, put them in a RedSox Hat (of course)…and had Ms. Rebekah pick a name. The winner is Katy K , who wrote : I will be working on buying more food from the US, starting with my usual grocery sources (Jewel, TJ’s, farmer’s market, Costco) and looking for alternatives elsewhere if I can’t find them. I noticed recently that most of the grocery store tomatoes were from Canada! Congrats,… Read more »


Each Wednesday, I’m going to bring you an American company that’s super-local to my area. Most likely, you’ll have something similar in your area too. To see the biggest impact on your economy, buying “wicked local” is one of the best ways to do it. When I do spotlight these places, I’ll try to focus in on ones that are super affordable-equal to or less than the general going price in our area. (But, I can’t make any promises)… Ok,… Read more »


So you may or may not have found the giveaway requirements hiding somewhere here on the blog yet…but I decided in the meantime to make a multi-dimensional giveaway. Let me explain! I picked up this delicious, soft skein of Quince and Co’s Lark, a worsted weight yarn in the color Nasturtium (a nice, carroty orange). Perfect for fall. “Alicia, but where is this yarn coming from?” you might ask…I’m so glad you did! Quince and co’s company is based right… Read more »


I promised you a good, basic farmstand recipe and I shall deliver! You will need: Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and balsamic vinagrette. STEP ONE: Slice tomatoes. (thick slices, thin slices, chop-chop…whatever you like) STEP TWO: Slice mozzarella. (peel it, dice it…whatever looks pretty) STEP THREE: Chop up some basil. (throw in pine nuts if you’re feeling wild) STEP FOUR: Drizzle gently (or liberally) with Balsamic Vinegar! Delicious. Easy. Fresh. Healthy (for you AND the economy!) Think you’ve got something better?… Read more »


                                    I saw this article today and thought it was fascinating and applicable to my next post (and tomorrow’s adventure!) http://abcnews.go.com/Business/MadeInAmerica/made-america-clothes-clothing-made-usa/story?id=13108258 What do you think? Is anything in your closet American? If it isn’t, where is most of it from?