WOW it is cold out today. It was 2 degrees this morning. We’ve been camped out by the woodstove all day. BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! One of the great things about my new Swan’s Island Bulky yarn obsession is that, well, it’s super warm. I decided to release this one early, too (thanks to my amazing test knitters and a lovely tech editor!) By the way, the bulky is still on sale until December 20th! Coalesce (on sale for a short time!) It… Read more »


(Hannah modeling my new favorite Market Bag from R & T) Sometimes random moments are just meant to be. The first time I ever walked into Natasha’s store, Rough & Tumble, was completely by chance. It just happens to be two storefronts down from my favorite LYS, and while we were all sitting in a circle, knitting away, one of the ladies mentioned it. I honed in on two words in particular, and heard nothing else–local, handbag. You all at… Read more »


Ok, you will nevahhh catch me attempting to be a professional photographer, but I do love it as a hobby, and I’ve been wanting SO badly to capture lightning on film. Tonight, my prayers were answered (literally) and my little Canon Rebel and I (at 1600 ISO, bulb setting, 7-10 second exposures, on a tripod) were able to capture it. Hope you enjoy! I saved the best for last!


So, dearfriends, I have been chatting with the fabulous Jackie over at Swan’s Island Yarns, and she invited me up for a tour of their dyehouse. In typical Alicia fashion, I excitedly accepted prior to, oh, mapquesting it or planning it much. The drive was about 2 hours and 45 minutes up the coast! (with both girls in tow)…but so worth it! Tucked away from the hustle and touristry of Camden lies Northport–and the Swan’s Island Dyehouse. Everything happens right… Read more »


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with a yarn company? I have. Last fall, I answered Quince & Co’s call for scarf submissions–and to my great joy, the Falmouth Scarf was chosen as one of the pieces for the collection. Not only that, but Pam asked me if I’d be willing to come in and model the scarves, since I’m a mere hour’s drive from their main operation. I’ll be honest: I was excited, but also… Read more »