So I released one of my new favorite patterns,. They’re fast, lightweight, airy, and somewhat romantic. I think Melissa’s style is rubbing off on me a bit!   The first pair is worked up in The Plucky Knitter’s Primo Sport. Love this yarn, and I think it’s the perfect french grey! The second pair is worked up in my favorite local company’s Chickadee. Keep checking back, because I have another fun giveaway coming up soon!


The second Dani’s yarn showed up in my mailbox, I knew what it wanted to be. This yarn is smooth, substantial, and gorgeous. A bit sexy. Yarn, sexy? Yes. The dyework, done by Dani Sunshine of Brighton, England, UK, is just stunning. It’s subtle enough to show off any stitch pattern, yet variegated enough for visual interest. And this blue! Moonbeam-blue. Sigh. Dani’s shop is here.  And the Ravelry listing for the pattern is here. Enjoy! There’s still a few… Read more »


I may not be the most patient person who ever walked the earth. Okay,okay..(husband is IN HYSTERICS as I write this). That could potentially be a bit ofanunderstatement. While I was waiting for my Quince yarn to arrive for the Scarves Etc. collection, I went down to Knitwit in Portland and got a skein of Osprey to play around with and swatch. I wanted to be ready to go the second that yarn arrived! While I was swatching, I thought… Read more »


Hello Friends! Most of my American purchases lately have been yarn, and it’s easy to see why. Knitting is a wonderul way to tell stories through your work: about where you live, what you do… So today, I have the Barnwood Series: a hat and cowl made of the most incredibly Luxe handdyed yarn by Kim out in Montana. Kim’s yarn can be found here: and it’s totally worth stalking the updates. Her colors look like home to me…. Read more »


Hello Friends! Most of you probably do a spring clean to air out the house and get things in order–but fall is my favorite season, so I do a fall clean as well! (Trust me, I’mverymessy…veryverymessy) so don’t go thinking I’m on top of it all, all the time! During my foray into cleaning, I discovered that I didn’t have a good fall hat. Luckily, this coincided with Elena (Anadiomena on Ravelry) sending me a GORGEOUS skein of yarn. Ok- before… Read more »