Happy first day of Spring, friends! New Pattern Alert!!! (click the link, but read on for a discount and some exciting news!!! While I’ve really enjoyed getting outside this winter and enjoying the snow, I’m always ready when the thaw from the western winds sweeps across our state. It’s something you can tangibly feel- the first morning that the air has changed–while you’re still lying in bed. There’s a lightness, a refreshing warmth in the atmosphere that carries over into… Read more »


Today I’m so excited to share a new pattern with you– the Midautumn Shawl! I had SO much fun knitting this one up. It’s constructed as a top down triangle and goes very quickly once you get used to the stitch pattern. I was really lucky to have my gorgeous friend Lauren model it for me. I love how the purl ridges play off each other and create a clean line before the rib. It’s one of those designs that… Read more »


When I first started knitting, I focused mainly on my girls.I loved it–and one designer that caught my eye was Kate Oates of Tottoppers. Her designs are vibrant, creative, and adorable! I have to share this with you before we go any further because I have not knit it yet but I am obsessed with it. HOW CUTE is this, seriously? It’s the Sugar Bear Hooded Cardi…I know, I know. It makes you want to have a little one just… Read more »


Happy fall, friends! I hope your autumn is as beautiful as it is here in Maine. While we are in a drought right now, it hasn’t stopped the leaves from turning. The days have been warm, breezy and mild and the nights have been only slightly crisp. It’s definitely warmer than normal for up north! My designs have reflected this- I’m not ready to pull out the thick wool yet! This is Ginger Maple. It’s a quick little mitt pattern… Read more »


Summer is coming soon! We recently took our first family trip to Florida. It was an amazing journey with some crazy snags on the way- a trip I will remember fondly (and most likely, with laughter so hard it creates tears). Some of my favorite moments during the trip were almost the simplest, and they reminded me of life here in Maine during the middle of summer. Laying in the sand, the sun warming my skin, I drop my head… Read more »