I know, I know…my posts are few and far between. I’m so sorry about that. Lately, I’m focusing all my energy into writing a bunch of patterns to release. One of them is for you, dear friends! Click below for the PDF-and I know you’ll all forgive my inability to run a computer. leydon Leydon is a quick knit with a classic look. Cozy Fisherman’s Rib adds extra warmth at the edges where it’s needed most, while a simple oval… Read more »


The giveaway winner is Joanne Willoughby!!! Congrats, Joanne! Send me an email 🙂 Today (er, last night) I released Quilted. This is one of those things, dear friends, where I searched for Quilted on Ravelry prior to naming this and nothing came up, but somehow there are many patterns with this name that just didn’t show during my search! IF you like it, please come show it some love on Ravelry! These pictures…I’m so excited to show you, because the… Read more »

Congratulations, Jules AND Bonnie- you both won! 🙂 Please find me on ravelry under AliciaPlum and send me a PM so I can gift you the pattern! Happy Knitting…

Happy First Day of Spring! It’s gorgeous here in Maine and the snow is almost gone. I remember last year it was still freezing… So, maybe you’re one of the knitters that follows my blog. And maybe, just maybe you’ve got some worsted yarn kicking around. Not enough for a sweater, though.  It’s getting too warm for scarves and you really might be tired of socks. Especially the foot part. Meet Dancing in Puddles, my latest design. They’re stirrupped rainboot… Read more »

Ok. Flat out.The label on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is unnerving, to say the least. It’s half rap, half crazy mishmash of religion and strange promises. There are 2 things though, that did appeal to me. 1. This truly is a multi-tasker, and a gentle one at that. I can do laundry, clean counter tops, wash my face, shampoo my hair, mist my dog (that’s not a reccommended use, but Cooper now smells like peppermint) shave my… Read more »