So it’s not exactly part of the Christmas presents list, but two years ago my mother in law got our daughter, Rebekah, a bottle of bubblebath by a brand called California Baby. It was made with Eucalyptus for when she was sick.  This stuff is amazing! And how adorable is the fact that it comes with a bubble wand for tubby time? During this time of year chances are your kid is going to end up with dry skin. Ellie (our 10 month… Read more »

I was on another Buy American blog recently: And thought, wow, Randy has a really great point about Christmas trees. Maybe you don’t like the smell of real ones, or the mess they create. But I bet what you WOULD like is to see more jobs created locally. And local tree farms are about as direct as it gets when it comes to your money. Where are you getting your tree this year? Like most women, I have spent lots of time going from product to product, looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. You know, the one that will leave your hair perfectly soft and silky regardless of the condition it was when you first got in the shower. I’ve come up with my two favorites, Biolage and Joico, but I ALWAYS end up going back to Joico. The K-pak line is amazing. If you get it at Marshall’s or T.J…. Read more »

So I just found this house, built completely of American products: The total cost, according to the builder, Mr. Lewendal, is only 1-2% higher than it would be if certain parts of the house were sourced from foreign material. It ends up being around 265,000. He says that even if people just increase the amount of American building materials by 5% it will create a lot of jobs. Nice. How cool is that? When we build someday, I hope… Read more »

Halloween is coming up, and for all you parents that are justsoexcited about the amount of sugar your little ones will probably consume, I thought I would do a post on American made Halloween costumes. Although most the parents I know make theirs. But then again, not everyone celebrates Halloween. But everyone DOES eat food. Some eat candy. So let’s focus on how to keep our teeth healthy, along with the American economy (and the planet!) during a season of… Read more »