Summer is coming soon!


We recently took our first family trip to Florida. It was an amazing journey with some crazy snags on the way- a trip I will remember fondly (and most likely, with laughter so hard it creates tears).

Some of my favorite moments during the trip were almost the simplest, and they reminded me of life here in Maine during the middle of summer.


Laying in the sand, the sun warming my skin, I drop my head and close my eyes briefly. Sand is sprayed across my back as my children go sprinting by, squealing with laughter. The waves sing their hushed rythym and seagulls cry out overhead. My husband then comes running by, the source of their squeals. I know this moment won’t last, the sun will eventually set or I will be invited to join in the play. But that split second is so restful. My children are happy, and safe.The day is beautiful, and I am calm.


Sandshore originated from that feeling. The nutty smell of sunblock, the smooth grain of sand, the refreshing cool of water as you dip your toes in.


I realized that my children’s summers just *might* not be complete without little Sandshores of their own. Click here to find it on Ravelry: right now, for 24 hours, this pattern is half off with purchase of the adult Sandshore with the code “sunnydays”. šŸ™‚


Do you ever have days where you want to just knit, but life calls to you? Work, cleaning, chores, errands, meals, family…all good things. I can honestly estimate that about half of my time, if not more, as a designer–is spent answering questions, providing pattern support, working on marketing, photographing, crunching math, writing, etc…but my hands and heart yearn for the moment I settle in with a cup of tea and a skein of yarn. This was one of those times where I had prior commitments. Patterns still being written, messy house, activities to take the children to. This yarn sat in my stash, staring at me, for weeks before I was able to cast on. Hence the name Thereafter. You can find it in my rav store here.



From the front it looks like a simple Contiguous sweater (using Susie M’s amazing method)–it’s top down and seamless, but fits like a set-in sleeve rather than a raglan. I don’t dabble with it a lot, but when I do the results are so worth it. I like things that are clean and have lots of stockinette. At the end of the night, I want simplicity and purity.

The yarn, dyed by Ami at Lakes Yarn and Fiber…

Is just phenomenal. It’s a springy, bouncy, well plied dk weight. Superwash merino is a favorite of mine, and this does not disappoint. It’s like Quince Chickadee, but beefier, and superwash. It’s a base I’ve never met–it has a different hand than what I’ve seen on the market. The spring is almost enough I questioned if there was Targhee in it. The skeins come at a generous 280 yards each, and retail at only $23.00 (which, that yardage on the handdyed market is great).



The back features a lace motif I’ve loved for a while- large, elegant, winding leaves fold over one another all the way down the spine. This blue and the leaves just spoke to me–together like tea and honey šŸ™‚


I hope you have had a wonderful Easter, my friends. I will post more updates soon about some other fun new projects I’m working on. Until then, I’m going to knit and get some rest as I had a little one up sick all night!

xoxo, for now…

IMG_7953 After a ridiculously long hiatus from this blog, I am back. Should I mention I forgot how to log in? All technology jokes aside, I’m working on something right now that I’m super excited about. I am teaming up with Annie RIley of Annie Yarn (also Woolhouse Fiber Co) to host my first Mystery Knit Along! It’s going to be laid back and a lot of fun! I know a lot of you were asking for another KAL after the Ultimate Sweater KAL, so here’s something to jump into for spring!


This yarn and I have fallen in love.It’s Destiny Sock, a heavenly MCN blend with subtle tonal hues. My camera really didn’t capture the color as well as I’d like. In real life, the color is a stormy grey with those hints of purple that a thunderstorm brings. I love it so much–the colorway is called February Sky and will be included in some of the KAL kits Annie is going to post. I’m working it up on 6’s (a hint!) because I love drapey, drapey, drapey knits, especially when it’s an accessory I can wear different ways (another hint!).


I love how she braids these skeins. It makes the yarn stand out, but it’s also great for storage purposes. I can’t tell you how many skeins I’ve had unwind while sitting innocently in the plastic bins- or being carried around the house as I decide what to do with them. Sometimes I’ll bring things into the room I’m working in just to glance up at them from time to time, waiting for inspiration to strike. It didn’t take long with this stuff!



I was actually scrolling through Instagram when I came across one of Annie’s photos. I’ve been an admirer of Annie herself for a while now because of her outspokenness regarding her faith and her skilled hand in the dyepots. Annie is sweet, giving, and very generous with both her time and her resources. She and her sister spent a good hour of their day yesterday helping me get this blog back up and running-asking nothing in return! (for which I am so thankful!)



So, friends, keep your eyes peeled. I will be posting the information in Plum Dandi.

I’m aiming for a relaxed, bohemian feel (combined with my signature simple-preppy style)…so this should be interesting!

I really hope to see you on the thread…What are your thoughts? Will you be joining us in the future?



So…I’m typically bad at posting, but this time I have an excuse. I’ve been recovering from sinus surgery (involving a deviated septum among other things) and also from being carless! The Ford finally decided to give up on me and I decided to go running back to Honda.

Anyways, it’s one of those weeks. Where you drive over a ginormous screw with your new car. And if you take it out, you’ll get a flat, so instead you drive “whompwhompwhomp” all the way home. Then your dog decides he doesn’t want to do his business outside tonight, the floor looks like a much better place.

Such is life, right?

Tonight, I decided to release White Leaf.


(eeeek. Skin’s not looking so great!!!)


It’s only $2.00 to celebrate Plum Dandi (group on Ravelry) hitting over 2,000 members! I still can’t believe it. And every single person in our group is amazing. I love reading your stories, where you’re from, what you do for work, all those things. It’s so incredible to Melissa and I that we could get such a great group of ladies, who all lift each other up and support each other. It’s beautiful, and we’re humbled and grateful for it!

This is a comfort knit, plain and simple. Squishy Garter on the edges. Quiet garter texture on the body whispers subtleties, and a serene leaf lace motif travels silently up the side. The colorway, in case you’re wondering, is Augustbird’s Rich Aran (180 yards a skein!) in Softly. Perfectly matched for this pattern, don’t you think?

Restless-Knitter on Ravelry is also releasing a coordinating hat–I’ll update as soon as she goes live with it!

Come sit and have some white tea. Because we all know that after winter vacation, jumping back into the grind of things is, well, grinding…and this polar vortex (at least here) has made things frigid–good knitting weather, but too cold to WEAR THE KNITS OUTSIDE. sigh.


Aunt Lauri, if you read this whole post, this cowl is for you. The mitts are coming. But this is yours too. For your red peacoat.


Just in time for New England’s big ice storm to hit, I released Snow Squall.

The half twist rib is fun and slightly different to work, the twist stockinette fabric reminds me of snowdrops falling, and the ribbed cable reminds me of an ice-coated branch on a tree. There’s an optional pom–if you add it, the hat won’t be reversible. But poms are fun!


The yarn is The Plucky Knitter’s Primo Worsted. This yarn is so nice–the colorway, Wintry Mix, is absolute winter perfection! It feels much like hair conditioner–it slides right through your hands! And, it’s superwash. Gosh do I love this yarn. I might need to eventually design a sweater in it. Thoughts?


A little someone here is watching the snow come down, all cozy inside with the fire going, wanting to be playing out in it!

The pattern is discounted to $3.00 (no code necessary!) until New Year’s Eve. It’s a great last minute gift with just the right amount of detail or the perfect knit-at Christmas pattern. I really enjoyed doing this one–the cable is so fun!

I have another sweater in the works right now, Remedy, that is big and oversized and inspired by Lululemon–so keep an eye out for pictures soon!


Also–keep an eye out for Cornerstone, which will be posted here for free very soon šŸ™‚