If you’re anything like me, you’re going, going, going, and then you stop and think “now where did that last week go?”

Time just seems to go by faster and faster. I meant to release last week, but today I released Thoroughbred, a quick pair of fingerless mitts knit up in Swan’s Island’s new Eco-Wash yarn. Some of you already know I’m a fan of SI.(Can we also talk about how GORGEOUS Alora AND her horse are?)


For those of you who don’t, let me tell you why you need to try this stuff: It’s like the champagne of local yarns. Out of all the US-made yarns I’ve worked with, Swan’s Island is the most luxurious. Their new yarn is 100% Merino superwash–but not superwash as you know it. Most typical superwash yarns are run through a bleach bath or worked over with other similar chemicals to burn off the “scales” on the yarn (much like cuticles on your hair). SI’s new eco-wash is rendered washable with a special enzyme instead. This makes it friendlier to the fibers themselves and also the environment.


For those of you looking, you can find Swan’s Island’s new yarn here. I love every single color–I haven’t found a combination that doesn’t work in some way. The colors are just so perfect for autumn.


In celebration of this release, I’m giving away a skein of Swan’s Island’s laceweight yarn from my personal stash…just gorgeous!

To enter, go favorite Thoroughbred on Ravelry if you haven’t already, and share this post on facebook-leave me a note here saying you did!

I’ll be drawing each day’s giveaway a week or so from the original post, so the other giveaways are still open, too!

Until next time!




(Hannah modeling my new favorite Market Bag from R & T)

Sometimes random moments are just meant to be. The first time I ever walked into Natasha’s store, Rough & Tumble, was completely by chance. It just happens to be two storefronts down from my favorite LYS, and while we were all sitting in a circle, knitting away, one of the ladies mentioned it. I honed in on two words in particular, and heard nothing else–local, handbag. You all at this point obviously know my deep, driving passion for local items and those of you closer to me know about my small collection of coach bags. With that in mind, I convinced one of the ladies to accompany me down the street.

Walking in was an experience in itself–the shop is a breezy mixture of clean lines, stunning bags, and negative space. It much reflects Natasha herself–she has a sunny, cheerful face and a zen-like peace about her, even when she’s busy. She took the time to tell me a lot about the store.
All the bags are handmade right there–the entire workspace is open, separated only by a countertop like structure.
Natasha works with all different kinds of materials–deceptively delicate looking linen, rugged waxed canvas, and buttery soft leather. She designs for both function and beauty–one of her bags can be used 3 different ways–and goes through many prototypes to get it right.

The bottom line, in my opinion? The pieces are gorgeous, ethical, and local. The aesthetic is stunning. The bags are strong. The prices are more than fair. I’ve just sold most of my coach bags at a yard sale and will be adding to my new Rough & Tumble Collection. Just look at these gorgeous pieces with artist-designed linen (I have a market bag with the white lines!)

I was also lucky enough to use one of Natasha’s bags for a photo shoot involving two upcoming patterns, Trowbridge & Quilted. This autumn, I’m working with an outdoor theme (can you tell?)

I love the rich cinnamon-pumpkin shade of this one.


It seems to harmonize with everything we style it with! The White cowl is worked up in Quince & Co’s Osprey yarn. A favorite local Maine yarn of mine!


For the giveaway- 2 skeins of Quince & Co. Lark AND one R & T wristlet of my choice.
To enter: share this post on facebook, and then visit Natasha’s Rough & Tumble on Etsy and tell me which bag you think would work with everything in your closet!

I just wanted to add that I am not sponsored by any of the companies I promote–I love this stuff and I that’s why I write about it!

Winner will be announced one week from today!

Rich, warm shades of brown, high relief texture, and filtered sunlight. Pure autumn perfection. Today feels like the perfect day to release Countryline. The straight, clean fit makes it perfect for many things-school uniforms, weekend layering vests, boys, and girls. If you visit the link above you can see the whole gallery.


The little skirt in the picture is one I whipped up in (no joke!) 20 minutes. It took 1/2 a yard of fabric and the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt pattern (free!). Find that here. Patterns like this are perfect for me because while I do like to sew, I don’t like to take time from knitting, and I’m typically just looking for something to complement the knits! It’s also a great pattern to use when teaching your little ones how to sew. My older daughter thought it was awesome, and insisted I add lace to her version.


For the pictures, I just love the texture of wood–don’t you? It’s so warm and inviting. We took the pictures in late afternoon, with the sun in front of us for a subtle backlight.I just love the smell of the earth in autumn. I love everything about it.

That brown! It screams autumn, doesn’t it? The yarn is none but Quince & Co’s Lark (worsted weight) in the Twig colorway. It’s smooth, soft, local, and the bounce is unparalleled. Perfect for texture. Speaking of twigs, I thought dropped branches would be an appropriate addition to the photo, don’t you?

To celebrate, I’m going to give away 3 copies of this pattern to anyone who signs up to follow this blog!

Until next time!

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Thanks guys!

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Happy knitting, happy plucking!