Ok, you will nevahhh catch me attempting to be a professional photographer, but I do love it as a hobby, and I’ve been wanting SO badly to capture lightning on film. Tonight, my prayers were answered (literally) and my little Canon Rebel and I (at 1600 ISO, bulb setting, 7-10 second exposures, on a tripod) were able to capture it. Hope you enjoy! I saved the best for last!



So, dearfriends, I have been chatting with the fabulous Jackie over at Swan’s Island Yarns, and she invited me up for a tour of their dyehouse. In typical Alicia fashion, I excitedly accepted prior to, oh, mapquesting it or planning it much. The drive was about 2 hours and 45 minutes up the coast! (with both girls in tow)…but so worth it!

Tucked away from the hustle and touristry of Camden lies Northport–and the Swan’s Island Dyehouse. Everything happens right here: the hand weaving of those goorrrrrgeous blankets (oh, you have no idea how I COVET one!)


The all natural dyeing of the skeins, (all organic dyes! Indigo, cochineal, madder…)





Their colorways are all so timeless, and remind me of home. I love the beautiful stillness that the colors embody. I used their natural blends in fingering weight for an upcoming pattern, Ahull:


Jackie was telling me how everything here is done by hand, pretty much. The skeining, boxing, and even selecting of skeins to fill orders. If the yarn doesn’t make the cut, it gets sold at a discount out front as “reject yarn”

And now–there’s so much beauty here,I’m just going to BARRAGE you with pictures. Becauseinallhonestymyspacebaronlyworksifyouslamit, andmyfingershurt.

Look for this lovely-Swan’s organic handdyed skein in Sky Blue in some kind of giveaway soon…it just looks so lovely in a blueberry bush, yes?Image

ThelovelyJackie&I 🙂



I’ve just released  Palmer.

a breezy tank with subtle a-line shaping.

My husband likes to spend his early mornings on the golf course when he can, and that’s actually (over the course of a summer) where we fell in love. Golf isn’t slow or boring–I think it all really depends who you’re with! 🙂

Today only, Palmer is 25% off on Ravelry with the code “onthegreen”

Though all it’s been doing here is raining. Good for housework and knitting–notsomuch for entertaining the girls!

THe yarn is dyed in Boulder, Colorado, founded by Dani and she does amazing work! She has a ton of bases and a rainbow of colorways. The beauty of Palmer is that you can mix it up–knit it all in one color, or use up your scraps-buy some classic sock, and know that you’re helping our economy recover 🙂

Sunshine yarns can be found here.



I just released Nested, which is worked up in Western Sky Knits Willow Sport–the yardage on these skeins is amazing, and Kim is just incredible with her colors. So many of her colors look like home to me!

Find it here.


Some hints of upcoming work:
simple, neutral, breezy, summer 😉


Oh, dear friends. There is nothing quite like letting your children run free at the ocean after a long winter! I took the girls to a local state park to photograph Popham. It was so wonderful to see them running loose, dancing with the waves, dipping their toes in the cold ocean!


Popham is worked up in Quince & Co’s Chickadee, and it’s the perfect lightweight spring yarn. The ply and bounce is unbeatable, which is perfect for textures. Rebekah picked out this blue herself, to match the ocean & her eyes.

Unfortunately, while we were running free, someone broke my car window & stole my purse & wallet. But…it was almost worth it to capture these moments…and they didn’t get my camera, so that’s always a relief! It was also a great moment to have a deep discussion with my daughter about the importance of forgiveness and grace, and how we get the chance to extend it to others, even when they do hurtful things to us.


Yes, springtime is here again.


Please come give Popham some love on Ravelry!
And the winner of the sweet Williams Giveaway is Amchart. Please find me on Ravelry and send me a pm with your address!

I have lots of fun things in the work–some will be out soon! Until then, dear friends!